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Travis Contracting Services has the resources in both manpower and industrial size equipment to service any of your contracting needs. Travis Contracting has performed and guaranteed its work for over thirty years. Our continued success as a company and our impeccable reputation have been built on the highest level of customer service.

Before you hire any contractor, ask them a few questions from the list below. Please don’t put yourself at risk by hiring an unlicensed or uninsured company to work on your property.

  • Are you a State Licensed Contractor?
  • Does the owner of the company hold the State License?
  • Will the Contractor be pulling permits for the construction?
  • Are your employees covered under Workers Comp. Insurance?
  • Do your subcontractors have proper license and insurance?
  • Is your Plumber licensed and insured?
  • Is your electrician licensed and insured?

If they answer NO to any of the questions above, BUYER BEWARE!

Exposure to Homeowners:

Should a worker that is not covered under Workers Compensation Insurance, get injured while working on your home, you as the homeowner are responsible for their injuries.
If you hire an unlicensed contractor and things don’t work out, you will have no legal remedies in the court system.

If an unlicensed contractor is caught working on your home, the Building Department can stop all construction, charge you double permit fees and not allow construction to resume until you hire a licensed contractor and acquire all appropriate permits for all phases of construction.

Exposure to the Unlicensed Contractor:

If caught posing as a licensed contractor, the unlicensed contractor will be arrested. According to Florida Statutes, this offense will result in a felony conviction.

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